Aluminium Roller Shutters

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download-64Roll up aluminium shutters are aesthetically pleasing, strong and offer noise reduction, temperature and light control. With automation they can offer a fully remote, timed security solution for the home. Unlike burglar guards they can be opened when your full view is required. Without double glazed windows a major loss of household heating is through the windows, double wall shutters dramatically reduce this loss of internal heating. Shutters can be added on as

they are completely Aluminium with small boxes for rolling up into and neat guide channels with felt inserts to prevent rattling.  Shutters can also be built in to a home under construction so that no box is visible. The slats, boxes and guides can be powder coated to suit your colour scheme. Each slat has a row of vent holes so that the shutter can either be fully closed or left in the vented position to allow light and air flow. These roll up shutters are also ideal for passage and stairway security as well as patio enclosures. A range of aluminium slats to suit most requirements is available.

  • 11059153_420514814811359_1011245278497706149_oNo other product on the market can provide all the qualities of a roller shutter in one, and it is especially suitable for lock-up-and-go holiday homes.
  • Excellent security
  • Care free maintenance and excellent durability, roller shutters provide the aesthetic solution for people who command quality and style.
  • rsWindows (light & UV block-out, heat control, privacy, security)
  • Doors (security, access control)
  • Garages and Basements
  • Serving hatches (kitchens, stores, kiosks, cashiers, reception)
  • Passageways (security, partitioning, safe-haven)
  • Cabinets and Toolboxes
  • Delivery Vehicles and Trailers

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