Armed Clear Bars

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Your security system should create physical obstacles which effectively delay any intruders 

penetration into your home or office. Security products are developed to purchase time 

to activate your personal security plan in order to 

protect both yourself and your family.

Transparent burglar bars

Our polycarbonate has UV protection on both sides of the bar

  • 10 Year Warranty against fading/discolouring.
  •  The product supplier is SABS ISO 9001 certified
  • Members of PSIRA affiliated, SAIDSA, TBASA
  •  Our products have been tested by the University of Stellenbosch
    Civil Engineering facility.
  • Installers are trained and Certified

Transparent burglar bars are manufactured from 

polycarbonate – one of the strongest thermoplastics ever 


these technologies offer, 

for the first time, the opportunity to fully utilise 

the alarm system by having a permanent perimeter protection while moving 

around. this allows freedom to open and 

close and also clean the windows and bars. No more false alarms caused by human error, plants, 

insects or animals.


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