Armed Clear Bars

Armed framed 1

Armed Bar is an aesthetically pleasing transparent security window barrier fitted with Smart Bar technology that has the impressive ability to protect the home and inhabitants with physically strong, clear bars that are integrated with a 24/7 active alarm monitoring system.

Alurail Armed bars

These Armed Bars can be installed on the window frame by using the a specially designed AluRail column that is fitted in or around any window frame or opening.

AluRail can be made to custom-fit any point of entry and are prepared prior to installation on site. Once the bars are fitted into the AluRail, it is connected to the alarm monitoring system. The AluRail components of the installation allow for a seamless connection point between the bars and the alarm monitoring system, no fixtures or wires are visible.

We has so much confidence in our AluRail Armed Bars that we will supply a 10 Year Break Through Warranty.

These “first world” physical security barriers will eliminate the imposing prison-like feel, typically associated with more traditional, “third world” metal security barriers that are outdated, imposing and offensive to the eye.

Armed Bar will provide the customer with the kind of freedom they deserve.



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