Thermowood® Shutters are practical and elegant

Thermowood® Shutters are practical and elegant, custom-made, louvre door shutters, manufactured from a durable, specially engineered wood substitute – extruded PVC – that has been thoroughly tested under stringent humid, hot and dry conditions to ensure longevity.

Whether you want to invite light and a sense of space into your home at the ocean’s edge or in the in the middle of the Karoo, Thermowood® Shutters will deliver on its promise of merging indoor and outdoor living – elegantly.

  • Easy to clean
  • Fire resistant
  • Give excellent control of light, noise and temperature
  • Impervious to moisture, will not swell when wet
  • Will not crack, split or warp



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  • Available as Bi-Fold, Bi-Pass, Slider or Cottage Arch configuration.
  • Availabe with centre located tilt rod (middle of the louvres running vertical) or clearview (no tiltrod) options.


  • Max-Min panel width: 600-300mm
  • Max-Min panel height: 2900-650mm


  • Supplied with hinges, brackets and divider rails.


Light Control:

  • Varies, depending on your louvre position you choose during the day. Louvres can open to provide a clear view or be at various angles to deflect light and reflection.

 Privacy Control:

  • 85% – 100% depending on angle of the louvre


  • Thermowood is not a security shutter system. However, it does come with a lourvre lock pin to secure your louvres in a closed position.

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Standard Colour Palette:

  • Satin White, Magnolia, Lime Wash, Alu White, Holland, Smoke. No custom colours available.
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