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Customised blinds and awnings now available

When it comes to home security, blinds and awnings usually aren’t the first thought, even though they offer protection from various elements and the comfort of privacy. There are many benefits to blinds and awnings which is why we are happy to announce the addition of these products to our catalogue.

The benefits of awnings to home and office

Secure offers two styles of awning. The fixed wedge awning and the drop awning, each with its own set of benefits. 

The fixed wedge awning is the best bet against protecting your windows and entrances from tough weather conditions, such as the blistering sun or icy rains. This awning is a constant protector against the elements and has a clean minimalist look. They can also be a great advertising solution, doubling its purpose by acting as a sign to a store or office.  Even without the addition of a printed sign, awnings are a great looking design feature that is certain to draw eyes.

The drop awning is perfect for patios and larger outdoor areas. It is retractable, which means it provides shade and shelter but can also open up when needed. All of our awnings are made from durable materials ensuring a long lifespan even against the toughest elements.

The benefits of installing blinds

Blinds are a great addition to any space when it comes to design and practicality. Blinds come in many shapes and sizes and we guarantee that we have just the right thing. 

Gone are the days of cumbersome curtains that collect dust. Both the Venetian blinds and Roller blinds we offer are easy to clean and convenient to use. With a variety of colours and materials, these blinds can be made to be a seamless part of the home’s design

How Secure can help

Secure offers a wide variety of property barrier systems that keep you and your loved ones safe. These now include awnings and blinds. We customise and design our products to each client’s unique preferences. With over 10 years experience in the security business, we ensure that we install our awnings and blinds efficiently.

Blinds and awnings are a wonderful stylish addition to any home, providing protection to your home and your loved ones. We have the solution to all blinds and awning needs.  For service you can trust, contact us with any queries you may have.